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Gordon Pace

                                                   Short History of Pacesetters LLC    

 In 1957 Gordon Pace broke away from a Dairy Queen franchise because in the 50’s Dairy queen did not sell anything except Ice-cream items. He wanted to sell hamburgers, Hot dogs, fries, drinks etc. So he started Paces Dairy Ann next to his house on highway 89 in Bountiful. In 1958 his son Ralph began working for him and running it. The freeway (I-15) was put in around 1960. It made it so he lost all the business off the highway.   So they went and got ice-cream trucks to deliver the bars and ice-cream out to the houses. In about 1964 Ralph decided they needed a popsicle type item to sell with the ice cream bars and pints, quarts and sundaes. So he started the Astro bar which was their popsicle.   By 1964 Ralph Lee Pace (Ralph’s oldest son) begins working there each weekend and summers putting in sticks so he could be with his dad. At 11 yrs old 1966 he was working in the front and running the ice-cream and popsicle tank to make bars. Over the next 10 years after starting the popsicles, they grew so fast in sales that people came in and bought them at the store and the trucks stopped going out to the homes. By 1980 they were selling so many Astro bars that the machine they used to make them (300 bars per hour) had to be run 18 hours a day to keep up with sales in the summer. Ralph Lee Pace was interested in putting them in the stores and was looking for other ways to produce them and found 2 machines one automated (5-10,000 bars per hour) and another manual one that did (1000 bars per hour). His dad bought the manual one and within 2 years it still was 18 hours a day of production in the summer. Business was being turned away and almost running out of product each night.      Ralph Lee Pace was working the extra time in the nights and mornings because the rest of the family did not want to at that time. The last 3 years they sold from 900,000 – 1 million bars per year, even though the bars would go bad with freezer burn within 3-5 days. Ralph was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the mid 80’s. Ralph Lee was trying to solve the freezer burn problem and collecting equipment by 1988. By the end of 1990 Ralph Lee got permission to put the bars that were changed to fix the freezer burn problem into stores but not under the Astro Bar name. So in 1991 he came out with the Pace Bar, He ran into several problems in getting production done. We tried Premium ice-cream in Logan and Heart to Heart in Richfield to make our product for us. Molds leaked there for 2 summers in a row and they changed the formula without consulting Ralph Lee, which resulted in him leaving the family business Paces Dairy Ann. And losing half of all the stores he had been in with the Pace Bar. Ralph Passed away about 1 year later the original formulator of the Astro Bar.  Ralph Lee then joined up with Rainbow Snow and produced the bars with the equipment he had been gathering together for 4 years. That lasted 1 ½ years with a misunderstanding of who owned the formula. At that time Ralph Lee mortgaged his house to the hilt to separate himself from Rainbow Snow. But from making the product himself for 2 summers he got all his business he had lost earlier and doubled in 2 years. He set up all his equipment in a small rental and produced out of it for 6 years and became the #1 dollar selling product in the state in 2000-2001.  In 2001 He received an SBA loan and built his own building with lots of expansion possibilities. His wife and children supported him in working for him to help out over the years. In 2007 we bought the peach flavor co. out and in 2008 we bought another flavor co. recipe that went out of business, so we own and make our own flavorings for 5 of our bars.             Production of the Pace Bars started out at (150 bars per hour) in 1991. In 1993 in increased to (700 bars per hour). In 1995 it increased to (2150 bars per hour). By 2002 it was (2760 bars per hour) and by 2009 we had it to (3400 bars per hour) at this time in 2012 it is (4000 bars per hour). In 2007 and 2008 we bought the flavoring company Kitchen Delight and Flavormill recipes from Chefmaster company.  You can see our full list of offerings of flavorings on our Flavorings-Kitchen Delight page.  All of these are home made machines that freeze the bars, and the bars are made by hand still as they were in the 1940’s through the 1960’s. We have land around us to expand and we have a machine ½ set up that will produce (6-10,000 bars per hour) with less people than we use now. We currently have products out with bars right now and are looking forward to expanding more by getting into ice-cream bars eventually.